Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Can You Spot Opportunity?

I read quite a bit of motivational material. Two of the best books I’ve read were “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and “Think and Grow Rich”. The former I read before the latter and was the first book I’ve read that expanded my belief in positive thinking. The latter is a classic and presently, I’m reading it for the fourth time. That’s one time after another. I am digesting the entire book and researching it. I’m taking notes and finding answers. I will say that if you do read “Think and Grow Rich” you will want to know what the secret Mr. Hill speaks of may be and there are many on the internet that think they have the answer. They’re close to the answer and some others will charge you for the answer; I can’t verify they actually have it because I didn’t purchase their work. I’m still researching but I believe I”m closer than they are with regards to Mr. Hill’s secret. Anyway, this is about “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”.

The book is written by Robert Kiyosaki who has parlayed this into a mega bucks company. Frankly, it’s OK by me. He figured something out and after reading his book (there are others) and going to his sales seminar on Real Estate (not the actual course just the preliminary buy-in part), I could see that it definitely was worth every penny. I couldn’t take the course because of my time committments. Now where am I going with this stuff? I’m not trying to write an advertisement for “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. What I’d really like to get across is the business mindset contained within the course.

Are you considering your own business? What is your business mindset? Can you spot opportunity? Here’s a perfect example. The speaker from the course held up a DVD and asked if anyone wanted this free DVD. People raised their hands. Hmmmm who would he pick? He asked again in a different tone of voice. The same people raised their hands again. Hmmm, who would he pick? One more time he asked in another tone of voice which signalled his intentions. This time somebody from the audience stood up, walked over to the speaker and took the DVD out of the speakers hand. What was the speaker trying to say? He was looking for the right mindset. Could someone spot opportunity and act upon it. Only one person realized the opportunity and acted upon it. Of course, the larger picture is that of showing the audience what an opportunity the Rich Dad education series may be. But…. in a smaller context, can you spot opportunity and act? We all like to believe that we could but that’s not always the case.

In business there are those that act and those that have “paralysis by analysis”. Which one will you be?

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