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Those LinkedIn Groups Can Be Frustrating

I suppose you can tell by the title a rant is about to surface. How many of you participate on LinkedIn groups or any similar types of groups? Have you ever posted, seen your post displayed and then waited for … Continue reading

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Bank Lends to Unsecured Borrowers

Does the title sound familiar. The bank I”m writing about is the IMF. The IMF is the International Monetary Fund which is mostly funded by the US and run by the Europeans. The IMF lends money to countries. Now, with … Continue reading

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Republican Debate of 11/22/2012

I didn’t watch the debate. Frankly, I’ve heard enough. This must be the 15th debate or something like that. The stuff is piling high. Even still, I do like watching the Morning Joe program and one sound bite of the … Continue reading

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Who Watches Our Journalists

Has anybody noticed how the fifth estate has changed over the years? I’m thinking if I can go back 40 – 50 years the press was investigative and investigated Watergate and other issues of the day. These days it seems … Continue reading

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