Those LinkedIn Groups Can Be Frustrating

I suppose you can tell by the title a rant is about to surface. How many of you participate on LinkedIn groups or any similar types of groups? Have you ever posted, seen your post displayed and then waited for others to respond only to find that your post disappeared somewhere in the LinkedIn void?

Recently, this happened to me so I got to thinking about it. Since this was the second time I  could recollect something of this nature happening I tried to see if there was a commonality to each of my posts. You see, I do believe others that post or the moderator of the group can see my posts as a bit edgy. There’s just sometimes I like to ask meaningful (at least for me they are) questions which cut to the core of the subject.  There’s nothing nasty or inflammatory in what I ask. In fact, some may consider my questions to be quite introspective and cause others to reconsider the subject matter at hand.

Mine was a simple question. I was curious how long those in the group have been unemployed. It is a support group for the unemployed so where better to ask?

My point is that I think trashing edgy questions doesn’t help with resolving the real issues at hand. It does sugar coat the real issues. I’ll close by saying that I believe group moderators can do as they please with the responses but should consider whether trashing anything that is a bit edgy really helps others or hurts them in the long run.

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