Political Expressions – Overused, Meaningless, and Debunked?

During the course of my day, I listen to TV and Radio shows that have politicians and pundits as guests. During the discussions I hear expressions which come into vogue for no particular reason and become so overused that these expressions become overused and with the passage of time they can lose their meaning. Let me address some of these expressions is a sort of tongue-in-cheek and sometimes serious manner.

Occupy Wall Street

It’s not an expression but I couldn’t help but throw this one in. They really need a different name so they can occupy anyplace they choose. How about the 99’ers. It sort of sounds like the 49’ers of the gold rush era. Besides, they’re not occupying Wall Street. This movement really needs to get it’s act together or it will fizzle out. You can’t keep asking people to cluster in a location for nebulous reasons. If they want to do things like we did in the 60’s then they’ll have to march in Washington. Whether you’re for or against them they need a name change. I propose the name 99’ers.

The Rich are the Job Creators

Really? I thought I worked for a corporation. Said corporation could be publicly or privately owned but in almost every case there are many owners. How many of us work directly for one rich person that would fire you if their taxes went up? So let’s try a different angle on this and see if we can figure out what the expression means.

Our economy is fueled by spending and investment. People invest to receive a return on their money and we use our salaries and investment income to purchase products. It’s a lot deeper than that but I think I’ve got the essence of it for my discussion. Let’s agree that rich people are the fuel that drives job creation.  These rich people are either “old money” or very smart (maybe both) and know how to make a dollar. Let’s start with the former. If it’s old money then the money is invested and a return paid on the investment. Maybe the money is in a corporation e.g. Ford etc whereby the original owners may have a piece of it. Large corporations are not run by rich families (as far as I can see) but are run by boards of directors and then CEO’s who determine the financial future of the company. Therefore, old money does not create jobs per-se. .Old money invests their money for a return on their dollar.

Now to the latter. There are those that are really good at figuring things out and have made quite a bit of money doing so e.g. Warren Buffet. They know how, when, and where to invest their money.

So let me understand. If either is taxed then they will refuse to invest their money and thereby cause the economy to slow down and therefore job creation flounders. Why would rich people do this? Because there is not enough money to go around? It’s too problematic to pay more in taxes? They have just enough for their expenses?

I don’t know the reason that rich people can’t pay more in taxes but it sure seems suspect.

The Arab Spring

Was there an Arab Spring? I missed it. The military controls Egypt, NATO took down Ghadafy, and in Syria they are still shooting citizens. It’s the same old stuff. So how long does this spring last? Where I live spring is 3 months. When does spring become summer? Will the Srab Spring last as long the expression or will the expression “Arab Spring” outlast the Arab Spring?

We’ve Got To Win the Hearts and Minds

This one really tickles me. You mean to tell me the general population didn’t want us there in the first place? We sent troops where they shouldn’t be? If it’s war then why do we care what they think? I suppose it’s really not a war then – is it? If it’s not a war then how do you explain casualties? Now that I think of it, have we ever won the hearts and minds of anyone? Is Afghanistan pro-American? Iraq?

I ask these questions rhetorically and I think if we stopped using meaningless expressions then we could really express ourselves better. Politicians and pundits should say what they mean and we would all be better for it.

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