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Political Expressions – Overused, Meaningless, and Debunked?

During the course of my day, I listen to TV and Radio shows that have politicians and pundits as guests. During the discussions I hear expressions which come into vogue for no particular reason and become so overused that these … Continue reading

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Republican Debate of 11/22/2012

I didn’t watch the debate. Frankly, I’ve heard enough. This must be the 15th debate or something like that. The stuff is piling high. Even still, I do like watching the Morning Joe program and one sound bite of the … Continue reading

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Who Watches Our Journalists

Has anybody noticed how the fifth estate has changed over the years? I’m thinking if I can go back 40 – 50 years the press was investigative and investigated Watergate and other issues of the day. These days it seems … Continue reading

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